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Re: (Possible) menu code rewrite

On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 08:22:23PM -0500, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > A better suggestion would be to coordinate this effort with the xdg list
> > and make a ConsoleOnly key standard.  I'm told the xdg guys will be much
> > more inclined to consider such a thing knowing that Debian wants to use
> > the .desktop files for distribution-wide menus..
> I agree we need to figure out something that will accomodate all of
> the existing functionality.  I'm signing up for xdg-list and will
> review the .desktop entry specification at
> http://www.freedesktop.org/standards/desktop-entry-spec.html

Cool, I'm looking forward to whatever progress you can make with this.
Havoc was at least interested in the discussion and commented that he's
got some interest in this for RH, so maybe we will see a real standard
spring from this.

> > I've got one other suggestion for addition to the format, really.  More
> > useful than a hint about where to put a menu entry is whether or not you
> > should show it at all, based on the sort of user you're dealing with.  A
> > user who is very technically astute would probably find it useful having
> > the Gnome calculator sitting there in the menu right next to entries which
> > run bc or dc in a terminal window..  My mom would not, however.  This is a
> > problem with the Debian menus, and even to some extent an upstream Gnome
> > and KDE problem - both desktops have tools which are not for the unwashed
> > masses who don't know what they do.
> Yes, though I'm not sure how this should be handled.
> Perhaps X-Expertise-Level=(novice|intermediate|advanced)

Yes, something like that would be sufficient.  Or perhaps Target-Audience
which could just as easily be novice, sysadmin, or whatever?  I haven't
really given this the thought it deserves yet.  Just figured I'd suggest
it while it was in my mind that it would be a good thing.

> > Regarding compatibility with old menu files and methods, suggest you read
> > the old files when a .desktop is not available.  Get the .desktop
> > formalised into policy and start phasing out the old menu..  This is also
> > beneficial for FHS compliance, so it's good to get started soon.
> Not sure how this relates to the FHS, exactly...

Currently menu entries go in /usr/lib, they really belong in /usr/share.
If you're going to change the file format, putting the new format into
/usr/share is the right thing.  /usr/lib could then be the only place
you'd find the old format menu entries.  FHS transition and a working menu
package at the same time is certainly not something I oppose..  ;)

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