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Re: Bug#152267: Debconf-Help: Bug#152267: med-common: Fails to preconfigure

Andreas Tille wrote:
> In other words: I would have to duplicate the code of /usr/sbin/get-sub-users
> in the config script?
> While this is no real problem it smells some kind of ugly to me.  Is there
> any hard fact that prevents debconf from using some utilities which are
> contained in the package itself?  If not I would think about filing a
> wishlist bug but I just want to make sure this at first because I'm not
> really good in dpkg/debconf internals.

Debconf uses config scripts to configure packages before they are
installed. If you don't want to support that in your package, you can
always just use it to ask questions in the postinst script instead.

see shy jo

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