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Re: [hertzog@debian.org: Re: Woody retrospective and Sarge introspective]

Le Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 11:56:36AM +0100, Mark Brown écrivait:
> You haven't addressed how dependancy handling is going to work with this
> system yet.  You've also not really explained why this distribution is
> going to be able to avoid getting packages with uncaught errors in them.

You missed the latest change in my proposition.

* Unstable is kept like it is now.
* testing scripts are not run on unstable but on
* thus uploads for testing have to be done in t-p-u and there's
  no automatic promotion from unstable to testing.
* recompile in t-p-u are done with testing (that's already the case),
  ensuring that we have good dependencies most of the time

> If you can automatically determine when the package is ready to progress
> then you should be able to just progress it.

I'm not able to determine it, I'm just able to see that the version
in unstable has gone through 2 new upstream version while testing
hasn't. I can inform him that he may want to upload the last well tested
package in testing-proposed-updates ...

> Do you usually care if you have an outdated ls installed?

Does it matter if we provide an outdated ls ?

If yes, then someone will complain.
If no, where's the problem ?

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