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Re: *term -ls, a summary

On Fri, 19 Jul 2002, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> >>"Manfred" == Manfred Wassmann <debian-devel@NCC-1701.B.Shuttle.de> writes:
>  Manfred> On Fri, 19 Jul 2002, Clint Adams wrote:
>  >> > Why?  Opening an xterm for interacting directly with a shell is IMHO
>  >> > functionally the same as opening an VC.  And I am really pissed off if
>  >> > I don't get a login shell and the profiles aren't sourced.  It's different
>  >> > of course if you open the xterm to run a program which is not a shell.
>  >> 
>  >> In what situations, then, do you have/want an interactive shell that is
>  >> not a login shell?
>  Manfred> Generally you don't.
> 	Wong. Generally I do.
> 	Login shells are special -- and they are used to do things
>  once per session, for me. I do not need to do them 20 times if I have
>  20 xterms open.

Why don't you put them into your .xsession then?  /etc/profile is where
to put things necessary to initialize a shell for interactive use.  The
only thime when you don't need to run it is when this environment
(e.g. $PS1) is already set up by the calling process, ie a login shell or
the descendant of a login shell.

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