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Re: The best recommendation for allowing "su" in X

>> Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com> writes:

 >    What recommendation should I give to the reader for "su" in X?

 uhm... typing "su" perhaps?

 $ su

 now, if you type "su -"... well, different problem.  You *are* asking
 for XAUTHORITY to be removed from the environment.  But I'm not sure
 that's the problem you are trying to address here (given your proposed

 > 1) .profile or .bash_profile : If gnome-session is used, they do the
 >     job. Maybe reasonable recommendation these days.  But in non-gnome
 >     environment, they do not work. (Because bash is not login shell)

 What, pray, has GNOME to do with this?

 > 2) .xinitrc : only works for startx. (I use this)

 Uhm... what do you mean?  I don't feel like unpacking the Debian
 xfree86 sources right now, but IIRC the X wrapper fiddles arround with
 XAUTHORITY, so it shouldn't matter if you use .xinitrc, .xsesssion or
 nothing at all.

 > 4) .xsession : Creating custom .xsession kills Debian's nice
 >   configuration scheme. (Way to complicated)

 I don't understand.  I *have* a .xsession and it works just fine.

 > 5) Add /etc/X11/Xsession.d/10xfree86-common_su (see below) :
 >   I ended up creating this file.  This is a bit too much intrusive
 >   action for novice users and may not be good to put in HOWTO-type
 >   document.

 Not necessary AFAICS.


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