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Re: (Possible) menu code rewrite

Joey Hess wrote:

> I note the mention of XSLT elsewhere in this thread. Not being
> interested in debating the merits of XML (I feel it's way overkill here,
> but almost any data format is better than the existing weird menu file
> format), I do hope that you find a more powerful language for the
> menu-methods files than XSLT. The existing language they're written in,
> for instance. Or intercal or something. :-P

Whether XML is overkill or not is debatable. I don't see why it
shouldn't be used. It's standard, it's easy to define a simple DTD for
menus, and the tools exist, are portable, are fast, etc. Using
standardized tools means it will be easier for people to learn than an
ad-hoc solution, given a reasonable (and simple) DTD.

As for XSLT, if you think the existing menu language is more powerful
than XSLT, then I suspect you don't know much about XSLT. I'll
acknowledge that XSLT's syntax is kind of cumbersome, but that's
inherent in the goal of making XSLT programs be valid XML documents
themselves. But as a language, it's more than adequate for the needs of
the menu system. If you disagree, please provide specific examples of
things you think the menu system needs that you think can't be done in


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