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Re: apt-build, apt-src, etc

> > 
> > However, since I'm a toolchain oriented person, I started 
> > attacking the problem from that end.
> Ah yeah, I got your other mail about that. It looks like a lot of work,
> I'm sure it's useful though. All those DEB_COMPILE_* (shouldn't it be
> DEB_BUILD_*?), *shudder*.

s/DEB_COMPILE/DEB_BUILD/g ... tomayto, tomaato ... 
Whatever makes your life easier.

I've had an interesting and helpful discussion with Julien, and we
seem to agree on most points.

a. It's _going_ to involve modifying packages

	- Unless you want to advocate autoconf hacks or 
	gcc wrappers? *shudder*

b. Some set of standards will emerge :)

	- What options should be supported?

I have a few bits in my head and I'll get them down and 
forward the doc along for comments. I still have some research
to do with regards to gentoo and ports to see how they handle
the 'finiky' packages and configuration management.

I would really like to think some things through... 
For instance:

- Should the build options be included in the package metadata?
	= Could later be used to make informed decisions
	about wether to download/compile or just download/install

- Build hints / Supported Build Options / Overrides
	= kiss but flexible


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