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Re: [hertzog@debian.org: Re: Woody retrospective and Sarge introspective]

Le Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 04:18:34PM -0700, rmurray@debian.org écrivait:
> Sure, and the same could be done with testing as it is.

I've thought a bit more about all this. I may have an alternate

> > packages uploaded to t-p-u are built against which dist ?
> testing.


> Your complaint seemed to be that no one could work on unstable, because
> then they couldn't update testing if it proved needed.  This is no longer
> the case with t-p-u.

Yes, my other complaint is that testing is automatically feeded by
unstable ...

Since we have t-p-u, we could apply the testing criteria on t-p-u
and not on unstable. That way we remove the unstable->testing link.

When people want to update packages in testing, they have to upload in
t-p-u ...

We just have to advertise t-p-u a lot more (so that it gets tested) [1].

What does I miss ? This would satisfy all my complaints.


[1] The extreme solution to force people to test it is to rename
t-p-u in testing and testing in candidate ... ;-)
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