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'Admin Provides' Meta package - [lib troubles]was[linux software?]

> > Find an RPM that solves the dependancy issue.
> > (This will save the consistency of your RPM database).
> That's the right way on an rpm-based system.
> -- 
> Jan Carlson                                 janc at kubwa dot com

Agreed. Though it can't always be done.

- Packages provides the right thing but called the wrong name.
	= Hopefully LSB compliance will help.
	= Think Mandrake RPM's on a RH box.
- Package maintainer is woefully behind and you need the new
  cvs feature/bugfix.

It would be interesting to have the following:

- 'Admin provides' meta-package (rpm/deb)
	= Allows you to specify what you've compiled
	and installed by hand.

- A GUI front-end to the meta-package that allows you to
check-box click a 'provides' item.

- A method for adding new 'provides' entries.
	- Add new provides 'nurbs++'
		= Provides the following libs.

Then upgrade the 'Admin provides' meta-package.

Obvious options include:
- Stealing provides from other packages (rpm/deb).
- Comments about the override.

... And you end up with a documented method for reasoning
with dependency inconsistencies.

I wonder what debian-devel would think? :}


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