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Re: Backing up a Debian system

On 31 Jul 2002, Ian Zimmerman wrote:

> Drew> "cruft" seems to keep a large backup cache of it's database,
> Drew> this was sometimes helpful, sometimes I needed to delete it
> Drew> (maybe I did to save disk space as I remember it being big).
> Plugging my rewrite of cruft in perl:
> http://www.speakeasy.net/~itz/hacks/Debarnacle-2002.05.15.tar.gz
> it is the same idea, but completely different implementation (on top
> of libdb).  It doesn't keep any state information across runs (but the
> report can be redirected, teed etc. as needed).
I look forward to seeing it as a package in Debian.

> As for backup tools, you know about amanda, right?

Yes, I looked it up again with your reminder. I haven't tried it, but it
doesn't seem to easily allow for checking what files are included in
Debian packages.

     Drew Daniels

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