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Re: (Possible) menu code rewrite

On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 11:32:48AM +0100, Mark Howard wrote:
> * Novice settings
> This is probably an idea for the future, rather than to be implemented
> straight away. 
> When installing the menu, (or more likely, when installing Debian),
> there should be an option for 'Novice user'.
> Then, the menu system should be made very simple, removing a lot of the
> choices. For example, a typical entry might be
> Internet/Web Browser
> hint: This will let you look at www pages.
> Perhaps this could be linked to etc/alternatives. 
> Very few developers will be interested in this, however it could be very
> useful for people who are using computers for the first time
> (DebianJr?). If they want a web browser, they will look for web browser
> - galeon, mozilla, lynx, konqueror aren't really obvious names for web
> browsers.
> I believe many of the "Why linux sucks"/"top 500 things wrong with
> linux/computers today" suggests this sort of menu, however I can't find
> a link at the moment.


"There should be an "I want to..." dialog. It should be a large icon on
the desktop which is very obvious to any user. Clicking it will open the
dialog. At the top is written the text, "I want to..." and below are a
long list of things that you can do with your system."

Ragards, David

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