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Re: adding a new package to your distribution?

On Sat, Jul 20, 2002 at 10:46:07PM +0200, Thomas Dettbarn wrote:
> hello.
> i don't know wheter this is the correct adresse, but i didn't know where else
> to write to, so i just gave it a try...

  Well, perhaps this list can serve. IMHO, you could have also asked in
  debian-project list or in debian-mentors.

> anyway, my question is: i have written a little game, and i would be honored
> to see it in your distribution. its name is "ninvaders", and it is download-
> able from http://dettus.dyndns.org/ninvaders. it is a space-invaders clone
> for ncurses.
> i currently don't use debian, i like my home-brewed distro better, but most
> of my friends (a lot of sysadmins) are very happy with it, and try to talk me
> into it... so i guess they could ge REALLY jealous when they see my package 
> there...
> tell me what i have to do to get a chance. as i told, i would be honoured!

  You could fill a bug in WNPP system with a RFP (request for packaging)
  of your game. This list is checked by Debian developers and people who
  wants to join Debian to look for new packages which they would like to
  mantain. (look at http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp)

  The other thing you can do is ask one of your friends who use Debian
  to make a package of your game. He must find a sponsor who uploads the 
  package to the archive. There are a lot of people contributing to
  Debian in this way.


     Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

P.D: I have CCed you because I don't know if you're on the list.

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