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Re: (Possible) menu code rewrite

Craig Dickson wrote:
> As for XSLT, if you think the existing menu language is more powerful
> than XSLT, then I suspect you don't know much about XSLT. I'll
> acknowledge that XSLT's syntax is kind of cumbersome, but that's
> inherent in the goal of making XSLT programs be valid XML documents
> themselves. But as a language, it's more than adequate for the needs of
> the menu system. If you disagree, please provide specific examples of
> things you think the menu system needs that you think can't be done in

I once saw a thread about making XSLT do a s/// type substitution in the
text of a document. The resulting XSLT program was around 3 pages in
length, and I think it could only do fixed word substitutions.

see shy jo

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