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Re: [WARNING] Some notes on the upcoming glibc to unstable

On Thu, 2002-07-25 at 11:20, Ben Collins wrote:
> The next upload of glibc for unstable will have a drastic change.  The
> minimum kernel supported will be bumped up to 2.2.0.  This means if you
> have a 2.0.X kernel running unstable; STAY WITH WOODY.
> Sorry, but it's about time we start cleaning up libc.so.6, and making it
> a little leaner and faster. This only really affects i386 and m68k.
> Everything else already has this default.
> It's not too late for the m68k folks to request me to keep them at
> 2.0.x, if they feel they really need to.

Speaking as a maintainer for the m68k for Macintosh kernel the 2.2.20
kernel is the most functional and stable kernel available for the m68k
Macintosh.  The 2.0.x kernel doesn't even support very many of the m68k
Mac models, and those it does support have better, faster support in

Ray Knight

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