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Re: Abusing FAI: standalone auto-installation

Marc SCHAEFER <alphanet-linux-fai@alphanet.ch> wrote:

> > as one of the core methods, feeding it a pre-filled debconf database.
> A question on the `pre-filled debconf database'. I had recently a
> `clash' (quite friendly) with the `locales' maintainer which was doing:
> I objected that I didn't see the use of debconf, and that I would prefer
> defaults to be taken from debconf in this case instead of setting to an
> empty string. I was replied that debconf is no registry, and that I
> can't expect anything when prefilling debconf.

That's not what Joey Hess told me when I tried to do the same thing.  Methinks some wires are crossed.

> Apparently, the only solution is to implement an artificial debconf
> frontend which will use another database and send the pre-stored database
> answers when required.

Hey, I wrote one of those :-)  It's very very simple, and rough.  See attached patch to debconf.


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