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Re: apt-build, apt-src, etc

"Carlos O'Donell" <carlos@baldric.uwo.ca> writes:

> > It looks like we independantly wrote apt-src and apt-build on the *same
> > day*. The programs have a fair amount of overlap and very different
> > approaches. Would you like to work together to integrate them into one
> > program?
> > 
> > -- 
> > see shy jo
> If you need help, I'm particularly interested in this problem.
> However, since I'm a toolchain oriented person, I started 
> attacking the problem from that end.
> I have binutils/gcc/glibc patches that expose DEB_COMPILE_*
> properties that allow you to tweak the compiles in a quasi-uniform
> method (read 'ugly-hack', only touches ./debian/*). 

Could you keep me in the loop of this please. (CC added)

For some time now I'm working on a mirror and build tool (now called
sourcerer, see below).

Sourcerer would greatly benefit form a unified aproach to build
package builds so I'm very intrested therin.

Should "James Troup <james@nocrew.org>" as maintainer of
sbuild/wanna-build be included in the CCs? His package should support
tweaking too so he might want to say a word or two or has ideas.

May the Source be with you.


Sourcerer has the following jobs:

- maintain a partial mirror of debian sources and base packages
(botstraping stuff). Partial as in only some archs and/or only some

- Provide a wanna-build like service. You can check what sources still
need to be mirrored or build. You can further restrict the
"to-be-build" to only installed packages for example.

- compile packages at idle times
This is where your changes and ideas come in handy. Up to know I
worked with replacing the gcc link with a script as a quick fix.

- integrate the compiled debs into a local mirror. Older debs are
cleaned out according to some user defined rules, like "keep the last
3 versions" or "keep a stable version". Sources are then in turn
cleaned out when nothing build from it remains.

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