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Re: (Possible) menu code rewrite

> configuration file. Basically, I'd use the following logic:

As most users do not have system administrator rights, they shouldn't be
shown these menu entries.
Instead a user that has access to root should put
"root-command=gnome-sudo" etc. into a config file (like .menurc)
in order to get these entries.

> I personally think that predefined categories is a bad idea as it makes 
> assumptions about what novice users can do / want to do, and also 
> assumes that they all want to do the same things. I'd agree with the 
> Gnome Interface Team on this one.

Still it is a known fact that too many options make users use none of
them, whereas if they see only a limited set they might use more of
them. So if the menus are so stuffed they do not find the apps they
actually want to use, they'll not use them.

Menu management is one of the best pro's of Debian GNU/Linux.
If i see the Start Menu most Windows user do have, i do understand why
the need desktop icons...
Especially since under windows all apps install their icons under their
company name... (who cares about the company name?)


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