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Re: [OT] Norsk nb/nn (was: Wishlist for woody+1)

* Radovan Garabik 

| On Wed, Jul 03, 2002 at 02:54:20PM +0200, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
| > No, there two forms of the language called Norwegian.  One is called
| > bokmål, the other nynorsk.  They are not different languages.  (But
| as a sci.lang regular, I can assure you that trying to tell what
| are and what are not different languages can be a beginning of a long,
| bloody flamewar :-) (of course, in an appropriate audience)

I forgot that </nitpick>, I agree. :)

| Not speaking a word of Norwegian, I can confidently <g> say that the
| difference between bokmål and nynorsk is comparable to
| the difference between Slovak and Czech. Bigger than the difference
| between Croatian and Serbian.

I know neither Slovak, Czech, Croatin nor Serbian, so I can't comment
on those.

The difference is bigger than between US and British English, but
there are usually no problems understanding each other.  About the
same difference as between Bokmål and Swedish or Danish and Swedish.

| see, when bokmål was <duck, run> indistinguishable from written
| Danish, they _had to_ create a different written form of the
| language :-)

It was this guy who didn't like bokmål so he constructed a new form of
the language based on dialects which he gathered in the western part
of Norway.  PITA for a lot of people, since we have to learn to write
both forms and the conjugation of verbs and nouns are different.

Written bokmål and written Danish is actually quite similar -- they
have some different words (they say kartoffel, we say potet (meaning
potato)), and they use 'd' instead of 'k' in many places, so Danish is
«softer» than Norwegian (either form).

</even more off-topic>

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