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Re: ascertaining reasons for woody package removal

On Thu, 25 Jul 2002, Scott Johnston wrote:

> Is there a file somewhere that lists packaged removed from woody
> along with reasons why?  I have failed to find this information by
> web and mailing list searches of debian.org.  I never saw the ivtools
> packages in any "Release-critical Bugreport", but they seem to
> have disappeared (all but ivtools-doc) from the newly stable
> distribution.
You are not the only one who is wondering about that.  One reason might be
that those packages had RC bugs in the late April and so the did not made
their way into the frozen Woody at May 1st.  The situation could be even
worse if fixing the RC bug requires a name change of that package which
was the case for two packages maintained by myself.  This caused a longer
delay to integrate the fixed packeges and so they were removed more or
less silently because the BTS does not show bugs which are fixed a long
time ago (at least not by default).

So the situation that there is no explanation for removed packages exists
not only for users but also for developers.  Developers were advised to
write a mail

   To: ajt-woody-sucks@debian.org
   Subject: Woody sucks because some packages from potato are missing

if they think that something is missing that should not.  They should
recive a response to this mail with to possible values:

   1. OK, will be integrated.
   2. Unimportant, irrelevant, ... something else.

I'm missing a response to such kind of mail since Wed, 12 Jun 2002 and this
really sucks.  It breaks in fact upgradabilty from potato to woody and if
it is not documented anywhere it is worth a bug report.  I will file such
bug report once I'm settled down after my vacation and have fixed more
important stuff.

Kind regards


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