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Re: apt-build, apt-src, etc

> It looks like we independantly wrote apt-src and apt-build on the *same
> day*. The programs have a fair amount of overlap and very different
> approaches. Would you like to work together to integrate them into one
> program?
> -- 
> see shy jo

If you need help, I'm particularly interested in this problem.

However, since I'm a toolchain oriented person, I started 
attacking the problem from that end.

I have binutils/gcc/glibc patches that expose DEB_COMPILE_*
properties that allow you to tweak the compiles in a quasi-uniform
method (read 'ugly-hack', only touches ./debian/*). 

I'm poking Christopher Chimelis to review the first set of patches
to binutils.  

I had bdale's ear for an evening at Debconf2 and attempted to
extract all his thoughts on the topic :}

It feels like the only solution will be to modify all packages
to export an interface for tweaking options / denying of tweaking /
hinting at optimal tweaks / overriding and doing what you want. 


p.s. My end goal would be to use apt-src to generate slightly
     different toolchcains in an effort to run 24/7 testing >:}
     and submit boogs boogs and more boogs (along with solutions!).

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