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adding a new package to your distribution?


i don't know wheter this is the correct adresse, but i didn't know where else
to write to, so i just gave it a try...

anyway, my question is: i have written a little game, and i would be honored
to see it in your distribution. its name is "ninvaders", and it is download-
able from http://dettus.dyndns.org/ninvaders. it is a space-invaders clone
for ncurses.

i currently don't use debian, i like my home-brewed distro better, but most
of my friends (a lot of sysadmins) are very happy with it, and try to talk me
into it... so i guess they could ge REALLY jealous when they see my package 

tell me what i have to do to get a chance. as i told, i would be honoured!

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