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Re: (Possible) menu code rewrite

On Jul 16, Joey Hess wrote:
> Not suprising, but do note I was talking about the format of the
> /etc/menu-menthods files themselves; not the menu program. I think
> _they_ should be in python (or any equivilant language; a simplified
> dialect might be better but I don't know how ameanable python is to
> constructing special-purpose dialects out of it).

I don't think mandating the language of the programs each wm uses is
really that neccessary, which is why I think install-menu is such a
horrid mess in the first place.  But I'll have to work on it a little.

> There are also weird little things like needs=wmappearance and other
> window-manager specific stuff.
> joey@silk:/usr/lib/menu>perl -lne 'print $a if ($a)=m/needs="?(\w+)"?/' * |sort | uniq -c |sort -n 
>       2 wm
>       5 vc
>       6 wmappearance
>      14 wmaker
>      31 X11
>      56 dwww
>      74 text
>     399 x11

Ah, great, more weird crap that needs to be supported (and is
completely undocumented to boot :-).

> The dwww thing seems to have died a well-deserved death. See doc-base
> which does a lot of things dwww cannot do with the menu system. Of
> course, doc-base files should probably be in xml. Really. :-)

In which case, consider dwww support off the table, although the
.desktop Link type could be used to implement it in the menus if
anyone cared.  (I, er, don't.)

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