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Re: base-files and /dev

Russell Coker wrote:
> I don't consider /dev to be a file.

However, it's labelled the same way as /dev/foo, isn't it?
At least this is what it seems from this line:

/dev(|/.*)                      system_u:object_r:device_t

> It's just that on a devfs system with the default configuration the
> /dev directory on the root file system will at all times be obscured
> by the devfs file system that is mounted on top of it.  Therefore
> it's best that you not try to do things with /dev unless you check
> for the presense of a mounted devfs first.

Actually, I don't try to *do* anything with /dev. It's your policies
who consider the mere existence of /dev in a package as a threaten.
Upgrading a package which contains the /dev directory should not make
your policies to ring any bell, unless the package contains real files
(or device files, or directories) in /dev, which of course base-files
does not (since 2.1.20).

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