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[no subject] 'nother testing question *sigh* Boost Yet Again /var/cache/apt/archives/partial is missing <no subject> libc linux kernel especific headers ¿where? Re: [2001-11-29] Freeze Update [DONE] Re: master/murphy maintenance this evening, starting at 23:00 UTC [ unstable/xlibs-dev] [ITP] molphy - [Biology] Program Package for Molecular Phylogenetics Re: [Joey Hess <>] Installed base-config 1.33 (all source) [logcheck] I hear you... [Matt Crawford <>] glob vulnerability? vulnerability in krb5-ftpd [md@Linux.IT: GNUTLS support for mutt] [OT] Prior art & could use your help - Content distribution Re: [OT] and "free" software (was: Re: sourceforge sucks) [Possible BUG] latex2html [Was:Re: [vhost-base] no, really this time] [potato] util-linux won't compile Re: [R] Announcement: Automatic ATLAS support under Debian GNU/Linux [Slightly further OT] Re: Spaces in filenames [was: Has a Debian developer ever unintentionally wiped out user files like Apple?] [VAC] 19 Nov - 29 Nov Germany [vacation-involuntary] Offline due to technical difficulties [vhost-base,apache2] da-da-da-dum! [vhost-base] Draft policy proposal [vhost-base] no, really this time Re: [vhost-base] no, really this time [about new pkgs] AAARRRGGG!!! Murphy got me good About buildd's log About policy updates and bug #76868 Re: Access Your PC from Anywhere Adding images to package source Adding users Aesthetics of Debian (Was: I hear you) Alien across architectures alsa-* 0.9+0beta9? Announcement: Automatic ATLAS support under Debian GNU/Linux Anyone wanting to package digital image archive tool? apache 1.3.22-2.1 depends problem? apache Re: Freeze Update [2001/11/19] apt-ftparchive and extra overrides (for Tasks) apt-get and proxies Re: apt-get and proxies (solved) apt-update via patches aptitude problem WAS: Re: NMU and hijacking of gnome-apt at.deny permissions automake fun Re: bad upgrade from talkd to ktalkd ... whose bug? base: /root/.bashrc should alias ls to us -A battstat_applet be nice be put Re: Blocked Message Bug #119700: [ITP] sqlrelay - Database connection pooling, proxying and load balancing Re: Bug#114737: libbusiness-onlinepayment-authorizenet-perl: Please provide a useful long description!! Re: Bug#116727: Problem with libexpat & php Bug#117957: ITP: psi -- jabber client using qt Bug#118031: ITP: libtest-unit-perl -- a unit testing interface for Perl Bug#118077: ITP: libapache-mod-auth-shadow -- An Apache module for authentication using /etc/shadow Bug#118135: ITP: devel-protocols -- Development of communication protocols Bug#118140: ITP: libxml-xerces-perl -- Perl API to Xerces XML parser Bug#118234: ttf-xwatanabe-mincho -- Extended Watanabe Mincho Japanese TrueType font for JIS X 0213:2000 Re: Bug#118294: mutt_1.3.23-2(unstable/ia64): build-depends on a non-US package Re: Bug#118294: mutt_1.3.23-2(unstable/ia64): build-depends on a non-US package Bug#118336: ITP: dbbalancer -- Database Pooling and Load Sharing Re: Bug#118388: intent to NMU merlin-cpufire Bug#118427: TP: epo -- Miner mode to reduce the labour to edit code Bug#118578: ITP: snac -- A simple algebraic calculator for GNOME Bug#118706: ITP: taglog -- Time Management and Recording program RE: Bug#118714: ITP: irm -- Web-based asset tracking and work req uest system Bug#118714: ITP: irm -- Web-based asset tracking and work request system Bug#118726: ITP: cfengine2 -- Tool for configuring and maintaining network machines Bug#118756: ITP: Initz -- Handles the switching of various initialization files of emacsen. Re: Bug#118996: ITP: guessnet -- Guess what network is connected to an ethernet device (can be used as a "script" for ifupdown) Bug#118996: ITP: guessnet -- Guess what network is connected to an ethernet device (can be used as a "script" for ifupdown) Bug#119129: ITP: mysqltcl -- mysqltcl is an interface to the MySQL database for the Tcl language. Bug#119137: Mail from cron jobs (Re: Bug#119137: cricket: Mail from cron not redirected) Bug#119145: ITP: ickle -- Yet another ICQ Client that supports the new ICQ2000 protocol Bug#119163: ITP: arcboot -- bootloader for SGI/Mips machines Bug#119184: ITP: laptop-net -- Tools for supporting built-in ethernet on laptops Bug#119185: ITP: oss-preserve -- Program to save/restore OSS mixer settings Bug#119275: ITP: libccaudio -- C++ class framework for processing audio files Bug#119277: ITP: libccscript -- GNU Common C++ framework for embedded scripting Bug#119279: ITP: libccrtp -- Common C++ class framework for RTP packets Bug#119286: ITP: sms -- send SM via Polish GSM operators Bug#119329: ITP: libprogressbar-ruby - A Text Progress Bar Library for Ruby Bug#119405: ITP: fblogo -- converts tif to framebuffer-logo header file Bug#119411: ITP: tulip -- a system dedicated to the visualization of huge graphs Bug#119432: ITP: fake -- IP address takeover tool Bug#119450: general: proftpd Bug#119454: general: proftpd Bug#119699: ITP: rudiments - C++ class library providing base classes Bug#119871: ITP: twoftpd -- FTP server that strives to be secure, simple, and efficient Bug#119912: [ITP]: libinline-octave-perl -- Inline GNU Octave into Perl Bug#119956: ITP: epic4-script-hienoa -- A script for ircII-EPIC4 Bug#119980: [ITP]: libxml-sax-perl -- Perl module for using and building Perl SAX2 XML processors Bug#120062: general: partimage-server is not working Bug#120155: ITP: libopenssl-ruby - OpenSSL interface for Ruby Bug#120172: ITP: cvm -- Credential Validation Modules Bug#120205: ITP: gallery -- a web-based photo album written in php Bug#120209: ITP: rox -- Risc Os on X - desktop environment Bug#120294: ITP: makexvpics -- updates .xvpics thumbnails from the command line Bug#120309: ITP: sbuild -- Tool for building Debian binary packages from Debian sources Re: Bug#120395: please test (was Re: Bug#120395: untested patch) Bug#120553: ITP: STLPort compat library Bug#120556: ITP: dmake -- yet another portable make Bug#120644: ITP: libauthen-sasl-cyrus-perl -- Perl interface to the Cyrus SASL library Bug#120705: ITP: prelink -- ELF prelinking utility to speedup dynamic linking Bug#120741: General: XFree86 has found a valid card configration. Anfortunately the appropritiate data has not been added to xf86PciInfo.h Bug#121027: ITP: po-utils -- Tool collection for handling PO files Bug#121106: RFA: sndconfig -- Easy soundcard configuration Bug#121205: ITP: amavis-perl -- A Mail Virus Scanner Bug#121296: ITP: ghemical -- A GNOME molecular modelling environment Bug#121358: ITP: zope-exuserfolder -- Extensible User Folder -- user authentication, properties and sessions Bug#121458: ITP: rhino -- application framework for configuring, managing and monitoring hard- and software Bug#121529: RFP: lvm -- logical volume manager Bug#121538: ITP: netwatch -- console ethernet monitor Bug#121542: ITP: razor - a distributed anti-spam system Re: Bug#121641: midentd: cannot be configured by older dpkg Bug#121643: ITP: gg -- An instant messenger compatible with Gadu Gadu Bug#121648: [ITP]: crack-attack -- multiplayer OpenGL puzzle game like "Tetris Attack" Re: Bug#121840: aspell-en: installation failed ("Provides" needed) Bug#121873: ITP: ezmlm-browse -- Web browser for ezmlm-idx archives Bug#121896: O: pump -- pump is broken and should be removed from woody Bug#121907: ITP: guile-pg -- Guile interface to the PostgreSQL database server. Bug#121912: RFP: cvsutils -- CVS utilities written in Perl BUG: Stormpkg 2.30.2 Re: business proposal Re: calife broke... Call for gpm bugs! call for lintian bugs call for lintian sanity check Can't reach Wichert from Checking buildd logs chkconfig man page URL? (Re: [logcheck] I hear you...) Re: Clarifying METIS copyright Color in init scripts, was [logcheck] I hear you... Come to ALS Debian BOF Thurs 11/8 6-8 PM Oakland, CA, USA, Earth Compiling OpenSCEP. Compiling with -msoft-float Complaint received and forwarded to the list owner Complete POSIX docs! Computerised Prank Call Service correct location for gcc wrappers? Critical: ssh-nonfree IS exploited Cross Compiling The last update was on 04:14 GMT Mon Jul 15. There are 1987 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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