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Re: [vhost-base,apache2] da-da-da-dum!

On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 02:56:04PM +0100, Fabbione wrote:
> Daniel Stone wrote:
> >I probably should give you the apt lines:
> >deb http://piro.kabuki.sfarc.net/daniel/apache2-apt/ ./
> >deb-src http://piro.kabuki.sfarc.net/daniel/apache2-apt/ ./
> >
> and they don't work..... can you kindly check?????

The apt lines or the packages? If you mean the latter, I accidentally
scp'ed old versions, and I'll fix that in a bit, gotta run off to school

Daniel Stone						    <daniel@sfarc.net>
<Tamriel> net: No, it's more if you have an infinite number of monkeys and
          an infinite number of hard drives, one of them will eventually make 
          a distro, package it up and go an IPO.

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