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Re: Bug#118996: ITP: guessnet -- Guess what network is connected to an ethernet device (can be used as a "script" for ifupdown)

>> Matt Kern <matt.kern@gyre.co.uk> writes:

 > > > Don't we have enough of those soon?
 > I think that guessnet sounds like a very useful tool.  It is in the
 > kind of direction that I would have liked to take laptop-netconf if I
 > had the time to work on it.  I originally developed l-n for potato,
 > where ifupdown wasn't quite as advanced.  If guessnet does all the
 > things it promises I'll take laptop-netconf out of debian (or
 > recommend people move up to guessnet).

 Can't you guys work something out, like merging the two packages, or
 in case that you, Matt, find guessnet to be good enough for you, just
 pass on the package name?  That way users of laptop-netconf can upgrade
 without surprises or bothersome reconfiguration.

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