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Re: Adding images to package source

On Mon, Nov 26, 2001 at 04:21:38PM +0100, Tille, Andreas wrote:
> Hello,
> I wanted to add a PNG image to a package source (to provide an icon
> for a program in /usr/share/pixmaps).  This wokrs for XPM files because
> they are plain textfiles.  Unfortunately I get for a PNG:
> dpkg-source: cannot represent change to debian/trophy.png: binary file contents changed
> ...
> dpkg-source: building trophy in trophy_1.0.6-1.dsc
> dpkg-source: unrepresentable changes to source
> debuild: fatal error at line 322:
> dpkg-buildpackage failed!
> How to solve this?
You can't simply convert it to a XPM?

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