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correct location for gcc wrappers?


I am the maintainer of the compilercache package.
For details see the package documentation or

The package provides scripts called cc, gcc, ...
which try to do something useful and then
call the real compiler to do most of the work.

My question is: where should these wrappers be
installed?  I searched the FHS but did not find
a clear answer.

* /usr/bin/ is clearly not possible, because
  this is the place where the real compilers
  live, and the filenames have to be equal.

* /usr/bin/compilercache/ comes to mind.
  But the only subdirectories under /usr/bin
  seem to be /usr/bin/X11 and /usr/bin/mh.
  So I hesitate to create a directory there.

* /usr/lib/compilercache/ is the place which
  the current package uses.  I chose this because
  creating subdirectories under /usr/lib is
  explicitly allowed by the FHS.  But then, to use
  compilercache you have to add
  /usr/lib/compilercache/ to your PATH and
  it feels strange to a /usr/lib subdirectory
  in your PATH.

So, what do you think?


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