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Re: Color in init scripts, was [logcheck] I hear you...

Eduard Bloch (edi@gmx.de) said:
> Well, if we extend the init scripts in a wise way, we could make use of
> fancy graphics without breaking much stuff. Return to my first proposal:
> we define escape sequences to set a mark on certain events. Then we hack
> init to show the user (eg. on framebuffer console) some fancy graphics
> bar (eg. using FB toolkits), somethung like the current KDE/Gnome splash
> (status) screens. Okay, this would need a bit more work, and someone
> (eventually me) should make a good proposal to standadize this things.

Escape sequences, parsing output, and hacking init?

Sounds like a kludge to me.

See the LSB specifications on system init, it is substantially less
hackish IMO.

The url (again) is:


Adam Lazur, Cluster Monkey

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