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Re: [Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>] Installed base-config 1.33 (all source)

> Well, it might be useful to switch it to the noninteractive frontend.

I was wondering this same thing ... :)

I didn't dare suggest a kernel parameter though, even though this
is how I implemented it.. (with the mirror url too).

I will shortly post the result of some noninteractive development
I have been doing.  I bastardized some packages:


... mostly.  Hopefully others can reuse some of the experience I have gained.

I tossed base-config right out though (for the moment) cause it
was just easier to do the tzconfig symlink with "ln" and put
the sources.list I wanted and not have to worry about other stuff.
Then I just need to do the appropriate "dpkg-reconfigure passwd" after
replacing the defaults in the template file.
I am sure there are better ways.


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