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Re: Bug#120309: ITP: sbuild -- Tool for building Debian binary packages from Debian sources

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 12:45:14 -0800
Rick Younie <younie@debian.org> wrote:

I don't know if I've replied to this message, but trying again.

> The sbuild package chroot creation sucks and I don't know when
> I'll get to improving it -- poor net connection currently and
> it's not very interesting. :-)  You set up the chroots once
> and then just keep them current from then on.

pbuilder takes somewhat different approach in that it keeps 
tar.gz of chroot images, and extracting it whenever a new build starts.
This is advantageous in that it is possible to have the cleanest possible
environment (in a way), and also allows for concurrent build process
(for those people who are inpatient).

> It might make sense to add sbuild to your package, maybe as an
> alternate build method.  I haven't checked out out pbuilder yet
> so I don't know if this make sense.  I'll grab it right now.

pbuilder-buildpackage may be able to use sbuild instead of its own build

> There's currently a little fork with the sbuild in most common
> use and CVS.  If you want to combine the two packages, I could
> co-maintain until this settles down; or not?

I would rather not maintain sbuild. I would rather keep 
sbuild out of pbuilder, as a separate package, because the upstream is
quite different.
My impression is that sbuild is out in the wild in many different
forms and forks... 


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