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Re: [OT] sf.net and "free" software (was: Re: sourceforge sucks)

Russell Coker (2001-11-13 00:27:30 +0100) :

> On Mon, 12 Nov 2001 21:24, Andreas Fuchs wrote:
>> Until I read
>> <URL:http://mailman.fsfeurope.org/pipermail/announce/2001-November/000028.h
>>tml>, I too held that opinion, too. Now, I think one should be more careful
>> about where to place projects (savannah.gnu.org, maybe?).
> OK.  I think that we should ideally have a Debian portal providing
> source-forge like functionality (maybe with this GNU package of
> software).
> I am sure that we will soon have many such portals to choose from,
> but I would prefer to host Portslave, Bonnie++, Postal, and my other
> projects on a Debian based site.

Several ways to reach such a state.  One suggested way was to use the
existing Savannah (at http://savannah.gnu.org).  Another one is to
have our own Sourceforge-like.  I (not so) humbly propose Christian
Bayle's and my package of Sourceforge (aptly named "sourceforge", and
residing in the non-us part of Sid for now).

  Other solutions include the current Savannah and Savannah Next
Generation.  I can't tell anything about either Savannah, since I'm
not deeply involved in it (although I do try to keep in touch with
it), but I'm told Savannah should work at least as well than
Sourceforge (and be packaged, more easily maintainable, and more
extensible) around the turn of the year.  Ask Guillaume Morin and Loïc
Dachary for details, they will probably be more accurate than mine
(and they'll correct me if I got things wrong).

  There probably are other solutions, but I'm not sure they would be
convenient to setup.  Last I heard about Tux Family and Serveur Libre
(in Bordeaux, at the Debian Conference), they also were works in
progress.  They might have evolved since then, but I haven't heard
about them.

  There are several solutions, both existing and in progress, to help
us not to depend too much on sourceforge.net.

Roland Mas

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