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Re: Checking buildd logs

In message <[🔎] 20011104010247.A7032@UnderGrid.net>, "Jeremy T. Bouse" writes:
>against libssl-dev; however I was of the opinion the buildd's were chroot
>environments clear'd after every build attempt so they were clean to build
>the source... Was I wrong in my assessment and/or are others noticing this
>as well with their packages?

Yes, you were mistaken.

It's not really a good idea for your package configure script, or whatever, to 
go sniffing around the build environment and turn features on or off depending 
what it finds; this is always going to be fragile.  The buildds don't make any 
particular promises about the contents of the chroot, except that they will 
satisfy whatever build-depends and build-conflicts you have declared.

>I've since then gone and 
>re-uploaded said packages with both "--with-openssl=no" and Build-Conflicts
>against libssl-dev;

Is it necessary to do both?  If "--with-openssl=no" suffices to prevent your 
package from actually using SSL, adding a Build-Conflict will just create a 
nuisance for people trying to compile the thing.


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