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Re: Anyone wanting to package digital image archive tool?

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> - is usable from the command line without the mouse for quickly viewing a
>   file or a list of files (i.e. space-backspace in xv) and scaling them (M
>   and -/= in xv)
Try paul and feel free to improve it ...

> - autoscales images on startup to fit on the display, so that the whole
>   image can be seen (e.g., not display(1))
.. to do also this

> - is fast to start up and shutdown (e.g., also not display(1))
Well it is.  It also gives image information without displaying at
all (paul -q -i <image>) and could do some offline image processing.
Shut down with shortcut (q in the image window, <Ctrl-Q> in file list
window).  Extensive documentation in German (only) :-(.

> Does a free program with these features exist yet?
Perhaps Paul could do that.  Unfortunately my work has completely changed
and currently my workload eats all my spare time I would use to improve
Paul.  There are some racing conditions which leads to wrong scaled images
under certain window managers (i.e. under fvwm2 where I did most of
development all went fine, but there are some strange things under
Sawfish on older machines ...)
I have support for rotanting of images at variable angles nearly ready
on my harddisk, but not ready to release and no time since 6 month :-(.

Kind regards


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