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Re: automake fun

On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 04:22:34PM -0500, Colin Walters wrote:
> Any other opinions?  To summarize, we have five choices now:
> 1) Build-Depend on autoconf and automake: this doesn't really solve
>    the problem.  Rerunning autoconf and automake is upstream's job.
> 2) Change all the timestamps such that those rules will never be
>    executed.
> 3) Comment out those rules in all the Makefile.in files as part of
>    your Debian diff.
> 4) Make upstream use AM_MAINTAINER_MODE (Matt Zimmerman)
> 5) Frobbing $PATH so that auto{conf,make} turn into /bin/true (Adam
>    Heath)

6) Build-Conflict on autoconf and automake, because they are unsafe
things to have in a package building environment.

(I'm not espousing this solution as the best, I don't understand the
details.  Just mentioning it for completeness).


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