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Re: [logcheck] I hear you...

On 24 Nov 2001, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
>  Perhaps we should assimilate "chkconfig" then?  Embrace and extend
>  it?
>  I kind of like that [Ok] green lights thing they do with the init.d
>  output also.  If that is accomplished in a suitably object oriented
>  style; that is, through a documented call interface... the actual
>  output routine can be changed and made to do special things.
>  What ever got done with that dependancy based init script setup that
>  got tossed around for a while?  Has anyone ever implemented it?

The whole [OK], [FAILED], etc thing that RedHat does with colors is nice,
but not really necessary. While some additional things can be useful,
others are mainly eye candy. I believe adding the kind of success/failure
system RedHat uses is mainly eyecandy.

Personally I've never had any problems with the current system startup
script system, other than a tool like chkconfig being useful. Actually,
I'd be willing to bet update-rc.d could be extended to support similar

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