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Re: Bug#118294: mutt_1.3.23-2(unstable/ia64): build-depends on a non-US package

Guus Sliepen <guus@warande3094.warande.uu.nl> wrote:
>>   IMO ssl support is crucial (on the internet) - everything should go
>> via secure protocols (is there any reason to have insecure protocols?)

> Protocols can be secure without necessarily being encrypted. Hop-by-hop
> encryption is a bit lame though, it would be far better (security and
> performance-wise) if everybody used end-to-end encryption, like PGP.

IMAP- and POP-SSL's strength is not e-mail privacy but to stop sending
unencrypted passwords over the network, alternatives for /that/ are
eg. APOP and CRAM-MD5, but afaik server-side support for that is not
that common.
              cu andreas

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