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[logcheck] I hear you...

      [Ob private email; Cc to -devel; talking in a crowded room. ]
      [Please Cc me on reply; I am not resubscribed to -devel yet.]

 Just letting you know that I read your changelog (apt-listchanges)
 and agree that logcheck ought to be developed further and made
 standard.  Like debconfiscation, I think that a dedicated team of
 maintainers should start working on NMU patches for all of the stuff
 that does not yet support it but should.  (that NMU policy I found
 via Debian Weekly News is good; please make it official policy.)

 logrotate also comes to mind, as does the init.d/rc.d situation...

 Red Hat has a tool called ... uh; what do they call that?  I've never
 used it, but have heard of it; it's something like our
 "update-rc.d"...  I really would like to see a dependancy based
 init.d setup that works something along the lines of the description
 I read of the main menu code for the new "debian-installer".
 Packages that install an init.d script would specify a control header
 giving a default priority?  Or perhaps a debconf template would give
 it one?  </ramble>

I was Linux when Linux wasn't cool.

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