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Anyone wanting to package digital image archive tool?

OK, I'm lazy. I not only admit it, I'm proud of it.

A few of us are making a tool for managing an archive of images in a
digital form, whether taken with a digital camera or scanned. None of us
are Debian developers, but we would like to have a .deb to make it
simple for people to install it when they want to try it out. When the
program is considered mature enough by the Debian Project, we would of
course be thrilled if Debian would include it its distribution.

I can make the .deb myself, but since I am not a developer (anymore), I
would prefer to have a developer as part of the team. Given that I know
that it's more fun and more effective to package things you use and
enjoy yourself, I'm asking if someone *wants* to package this, instead
of asking whether someone is willing to. (If no-one really wants to,
I'll package it myself, and will beg for someone to adopt the package to
get it into Debian.)

The program has a graphical user interface, is written in C and Glade,
and uses libglade, gtk+, gdk-pixbuf, and libxml, and will in the future
use some other related libraries such as libxslt. The program is quite
simple, and will hopefully stay simple.

The license is GPL, though the program hasn't yet been released. We're
not looking for much public attention to the project until we're ready
to release (we'd much rather concentrate on hacking the project). For
this reason, please respond to me in private.

We're currently beta testing amongst ourselves, and hope to release as
soon as a bunch of user interface bloopers are fixed. This might mean
next week, but probably means three to four weeks from now. We *will*
have a .deb when we release, even if I have to make it myself, but help
with this would be very much appreciated.


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty not safety." -- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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