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libc linux kernel especific headers ¿where?

Hello, why is there a headers files like ftape.h located at
/usr/include/linux/ installed by libc6-dev package and at
/usr/src/kernel-headers-2.X.Y/include/linux/ by kernel-headers-2.X.Y
package?, it's the same file or isn't right?.

If something _really_ depends on /usr/include/linux it'd use the file from the
kernel package. If something had been modified ignoring a change on a kernel
interface, it can get compile a program but it's possible the program can't
run because of the ignored kernel interface.

IMHO, the linux kernel especific headers files of libc package must be placed 
at /usr/include/linuxlibc if are really kernel independent and use
/usr/src/include/linux copies if not.
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