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Re: [logcheck] I hear you...

#include <hallo.h>
Martijn van Oosterhout wrote on Mon Nov 26, 2001 um 04:36:29PM:

> fancy-sysvinit.conf looking like:
> bootstyle = classic | redhat | hpux | ...
> colo[u]r = yes | no
> okfailnote = before | after | flushright | nextline | ...
> stdout = white | lightgrey | ...
> stderr = yellow | blue | ...
> errormailto = root@localhost

Okay, my thoughts so far... We should have a similar function. But not
with Echo Overloading or similar hacks, but integrated in the particular
init scripts. I think, this should be done in short period by a small
coordinated team which modifies all the init scripts and files
bugreports or NMUs the stuff. But this should be done somedays after the
Woody release.

I imagine following:

/etc/init.theme: created manually or symlink to a file in
/etc/initcolors/. In this directory, we may have:

# this file is parsed by a POSIX shell
# we get some color definitions for our terminal
. /etc/initcolors/$TERM.inc || source /some/where/a/fallback/definition

# default font color

# okay color

# doubt, not critial error messages

# failure
An modified init script would then use something like...

${TEXT}Saving audio settings: ${OKAY}mixer, ${FAIL}mixer1. ${DOUBT}Muting:
${OKAY}mixer, ${FAIL}mixer1, ${DOUBT}done.

We just typed make... 
(Stephen Lambrigh, Director of Server Product Marketing at Informix
 about porting their Database to Linux)

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