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Re: [2001-11-29] Freeze Update

>> Anthony Towns <ajt@master.debian.org> writes:

 > That's not to say these aren't good questions to be asking: they are.
 > But the right time to ask them isn't now, it's after the release is
 > over when we have some experience in how all this new stuff actually
 > works, and can afford to take some time and develop new software to
 > make the whole process work better.

 Perhaps saying this again helps: people are confused.

 Herding cats comes to mind.  Herding a few cats is difficult.  Herding
 700+ is daunting.  Herding 700+ confused ones...

 I have the feeling that a large number of people are confused by lack
 of information.  Anthony has been sending mails to d-d-a where he
 somehow says "we are here now and that is where we want to go next."
 People see that and say "ok, that's clear."  Some weeks later someone
 asks "we were over there and wanted to go that way...  where are we now
 exactly? And why?"  The way I perceive it, it's simple lack of
 information made accessible to people.

 If one writes a FAQ and people keep asking the same questions, either
 people are not reading the FAQ or the A's in the FAQ are not clear
 enough.  Same thing here.

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