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[vhost-base,apache2] da-da-da-dum!

Afternoon all,
Sorry for the delay, I've just finished off my last exam (Physics) this
morning, I should have a lot more free time now.

Anyway, I have a working release of apache2+vhost-base. I'm not putting
it in my old tree (http://piro.kabuki.sfarc.net/apache2/), because of
the ridiculous amount of people who've put it in their apt lines. Why?
Not because I value my bandwidth (I do), but because it's *completely*
different. I've only ever tested it by doing:
dpkg --purge apache2{,-doc,-dev,-support,-modules} libapr{0,-dev} && rm
-rf /etc/apache2 /var/log/apache2 && dpkg -i *2.0.28*.deb.

The reason for this is because configuration has been majorly rejigged.
A sparodic config is now kept in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf, and users
and packages can make their additions to /etc/apache2/httpd.conf. All
module stuff is now done with (en|dis)mod - see /etc/apache2/modules.

The best part about this, though, is vhost-base.
(add|remove|en|dis)host, are the tools it provides. It also includes the
Debian::Vhosts library. I'm not good at explaining stuff, so if you're
running a package, just look at apache2's /etc/vhosts/conf/apache2.conf,
and note that your package will be called from
/etc/vhosts/(add|remove|enable|disable).d (be sure to give it the same
name as your package). I won't go too far in depth here.

Secondly, stuff is now done in /var/vhosts. /var/vhosts/<vhostname> is
the root for the vhost, logs, htdocs, etc, are all kept under here. Let
me make one thing clear, though: if you assume vhostname has any
correlation to the hostname, I will remove your eyes with a biro.
Please, prompt. apache2 does, and every other package should, too. The
reason I do this is because you can have aliases for the one web host,
and then of course the mail host is going to be called something
different, etc, etc ... just call it after the name of the customer who
you're hosting, or whatever works for you.

I probably should give you the apt lines:
deb http://piro.kabuki.sfarc.net/daniel/apache2-apt/ ./
deb-src http://piro.kabuki.sfarc.net/daniel/apache2-apt/ ./

I'd be really grateful if someone could mirror this in the appropriate
spot - yes, it has SSL, but yes, we're clear to host crypto in the US,

I haven't given this the world's most thorough testing, but there it is.
If your package supports virtual hosting, please consider vhost-base
support; I'd like this to be one of the major things in woody+1. I
designed this to be generic for a reason - it should be.

Oh yeah, and next on the TODO list:
	* make the /var/vhosts prefix configurable.

Take it easy!
:) d, who has just had an easier-than-expected Physics exam.

Daniel Stone						    <daniel@sfarc.net>
<Overfiend> xhost +localhost should only be done by people who would
paint their hostname and root password on an interstate overpass.

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