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Re: Bug#118294: mutt_1.3.23-2(unstable/ia64): build-depends on a non-US package

Le mar, nov 06, 2001, à 03:14:04 +0100, Bill Allombert a écrit:

> ¹In France it is difficult to buy CD-rom with non-US in, for example, because
> they are from Linux Central. And network connection is expensive.

Linux Magazine has printed and sold all four Potato CDs for 40F, in just
every good newspaper shop. Availability of non-US is not a problem.
Education of resellers might be a better issue to tackle. Maybe hinting
those CD vendors who distribute the whole 4-set that they do have a
marketing advantage against those who just sell US imports may help..

Besides, with the current cost of cable and ADSL offerings, the old argument 
about "network connection is expensive" is becoming increasingly moot nowadays 
(and before you complain, yes, I did once install a RC of potato using my home 
modem. 38 hours, no less !). Almost everyone can find a decent connection
and a CD burner, if not at home, then at work, (post-bac) school or by
acquaintance's homes.

	-- Cyrille


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