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Checking buildd logs

	Upon a recent bug filed against a build of one of my packages by
one of the buildd's I've started to go back through the logs of all my
packages on other arches as I only upload i386 binaries... I hadn't paid
much attention to the buildd's for other arches as I figured they were
doing the right thing unless a bug was filed... Guess this is my bad and
not anyone elses... But upon examination of the buildd logs on buildd.d.o
I noticed on buildd arch in particular had build every package I maintain
with SSL support even though they are in main making it a policy violation
but also not having any Build-Depends which would have included the buildd
to install libssl-dev prior to the build.. I've since then gone and 
re-uploaded said packages with both "--with-openssl=no" and Build-Conflicts
against libssl-dev; however I was of the opinion the buildd's were chroot
environments clear'd after every build attempt so they were clean to build
the source... Was I wrong in my assessment and/or are others noticing this
as well with their packages?


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