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Re: Checking buildd logs

Jeremy T. Bouse wrote:
>        Upon a recent bug filed against a build of one of my packages by
> one of the buildd's I've started to go back through the logs of all my
> packages on other arches as I only upload i386 binaries... I hadn't paid
> much attention to the buildd's for other arches as I figured they were
> doing the right thing unless a bug was filed... Guess this is my bad and
> not anyone elses... But upon examination of the buildd logs on buildd.d.o
> I noticed on buildd arch in particular had build every package I maintain
> with SSL support even though they are in main making it a policy violation

libfwbuilder-dev built incorrectly so the other packages
using libfwbuilder-config got this,

# libfwbuilder-config --libs
-L/usr/lib -lfwbuilder -lssl -lcrypto -lsnmp -lgthread -lglib -lxslt -lxml2 -lsigc -lpthread /usr/lib/libresolv.a

I don't know what happened but that kind of thing is rare.
bruno.fmepnet.org is the only m68k buildd that would catch this
by itself as it's in the US and has no non-US URIs in the chroot.

> but also not having any Build-Depends which would have included the buildd
> to install libssl-dev prior to the build.. I've since then gone and 
> re-uploaded said packages with both "--with-openssl=no" and Build-Conflicts
> against libssl-dev; however I was of the opinion the buildd's were chroot
> environments clear'd after every build attempt so they were clean to build
> the source... Was I wrong in my assessment and/or are others noticing this
> as well with their packages?

bruno runs essential and build-essential, apt, fakeroot, sudo,
ssmtp.  Some have the common programs like debhelper, flex and so
on installed.  buildd puts a watch on these and tells you if their
access times have changed.  Having these pre-installed saves a
non-trivial amount of time on m68k but puts more of a load on
the guy handling the logs because you have to check the logs
more closely.  And there are a lot of bogus hits; from configure
looking for something then not using it for instance.

You won't generally find things like libssl-dev in the chroot
unless there was a crash or a quick abort that didn't give buildd
time enough to clean up and the admin hasn't gotten around to
having a look.  

Several developer machines run buildds if you want to check things
out.  gluck and voltaire for example.


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