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Re: Anyone wanting to package digital image archive tool?

Thus spake Matt Zimmerman on Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 07:51:56PM -0500:
> > Ever tried gqview? It is good too.
> Except that you have to use the mouse in order to actually see the image
> that you ask for with "gqview <file>".  I would LOVE to get rid of xv, but I
> need a viewer that, like xv:

try qiv

> - is usable from the command line without the mouse for quickly viewing a
>   file or a list of files (i.e. space-backspace in xv) and scaling them (M
>   and -/= in xv)

qiv does this

> - autoscales images on startup to fit on the display, so that the whole
>   image can be seen (e.g., not display(1))

qiv -m or qiv and then press 'm' 

> - is fast to start up and shutdown (e.g., also not display(1))

quite nice, as it uses imlib.

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