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Re: apt-update via patches

On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 12:52:29PM +0100, Dominik Kubla wrote:
> IMHO there is no way that would ever be set up for woody, since it
> involves changes in the release management.  That must happen with a
> new major release of Debian and be announced well in advance.

no. have you read the mail from Goswin Brederlow?

We only need three things:
 - deb use a rsync able gzip
 - the server make and store rsync checksum (for one fix block size)
 - a new aptlib (use a client site rsync)

With this we have it all. This can use a normal http mirror (without
config changes on the server site), can use proxies and is compatible.

> In a sense Debian is doing that, but already we are having problems
> that one can not just take a deb from woody and install it on potato
> and expect it to work. Sure in many cases it might, but sooner or
> later your potato looks more like woody because of all the necessary
> dependencies when all you wanted to do was to install one package not
> yet available for potato.

you can use apt-get -b source XXX 

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