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Re: Anyone wanting to package digital image archive tool?

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 05:14:21PM -0800, John H. Robinson, IV wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 07:51:56PM -0500, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > 
> > - autoscales images on startup to fit on the display, so that the whole
> >   image can be seen (e.g., not display(1))
> display -scale 800x600 works for me.

I don't want a fixed scale, though, I want an automatic scale, preserving
aspect ratio, to fit on the screen.

(also, I think you meant -sample here, though -scale would be more natural
command line syntax)

> > - is fast to start up and shutdown (e.g., also not display(1))
> it's fast enough for me.

Loading a 1280x960 JPEG image in xv happens almost instantaneously, while
there is a noticeable sub-second lag using display.  PNG is even worse
(2550x3507 PNG takes about 1 second with xv, about 3 seconds with display).
Using -sample seems to speed things up noticeably, though.  display also
seems to pause for nearly 1 second before exiting (even longer with large
images) after I press C-q, which is annoying enough that I don't use it.

> > Does a free program with these features exist yet?
> yep.  display(1).
> i know you are going to disagree with #2 on the need to include a
> command line option, but thus i submit to you: alias or shell function.
> 	a shell function can even query the running X server for it's
> 	current geometry:
> 	display -sample $(xwininfo -root|awk '/geometry/{print $2}') $1

This is unappealing for several reasons, but your point is taken.

> #3 is purely subjective, and my test pic displayed quite rapidly when it
> was scaled to fit w/in the display. when it had to make a pan widow,
> display was a lot slower (though it got the image up quickly, the pan
> window took a bit of time)

When I view a large image, there is a long delay, then the image and the pan
window are displayed at the same time.  Is this not what you see?

In using it just now, I remembered another thing that bugs me about display,
as compared to xv.  If the mouse pointer happens to be near the edge of the
screen, I have to manually place the window to be able to see it all.  xv
automatically snaps the window onto the screen so that everything is
visible.  When I don't want it, I can move the window partly off-screen
manually, but it is a nice default and saves on user input for the most
common case.

 - mdz

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