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Re: [2001-11-29] Freeze Update

On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Anthony Towns wrote:

> Remaining RC base bugs are:
> Over the next ten days the last changes to base packages will be accepted
> into woody. After Dec 9th, no changes (beyond minimal security backports,
> or incredibly special exceptions) will be made to packages from any of
> the following sources:
> Additionally, in the next few days, boot-floppies, standard, and tasks
> are expected to get into releaseable state (ie, no RC bugs). After
> December 9th, standard packages (or packages in tasks) which've been
> dropped from woody won't be reinstated. Please make sure that there's
> a releasable version of your package in either woody or sid (or both)
> by that date (complies with current policy, builds on all architectures,
> doesn't have known RC bugs, has been given a few day's testing to ensure
> that if there were some RC bugs that they would be known, etc). Current

Out of interest: How is the following problem handled?

At the time when the part of testing where package abc belongs to:

Package: abc
Version: 3

Package: abc
Version: 1

- Version 2 of abc fixed a RC bug.
- Version 3 of the package didn't make it into testing because it has
  e.g. a dependency on a more recent version of a library that didn't make
  it into testing.
- The maintainer of abc is perhaps busy/MIA/...

If this problem isn't handled we'll release with __known and fixed__ RC
bugs in our packages.

> Cheers,
> aj



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